I’m addicted to my natural hair growth! I have found that since I did the big chop, I am addicted to my hair growth & health. I diligently and consistently take my hair vitamins, eat healthier and take better care of my hair than I have ever in my life. I must admit that I am amazed at the growth. God is good! Am I addicted to my natural hair? LOL! What is your focus with for your hair? The mixture I use has shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, almond oil, vitamin e, sunflower oil, honey and jojoba. Since I exercise quite a bit, water touches my hair daily. I do quite a bit to keep it moisturized and healthy. The book is “Ultra Black Hair Growth II” by Cathy Howse and the facts I read are from pp. 52-53 The site I referenced is… www.quickcare.org I’m using my Mac and I must say that I’m going to have to go with my flip camera for recordings…I don’t like how the camera reacts to the lighting! My website for my Natural Products is www.organiclifeproducts.com and soon, I have a new site coming NaturalHairShare.com Follow me on twitter http If I haven’t said it lately, you all make my world so much better. I adore you!